1 Corinthians 1:11 | June 10

There is nothing worse than being in a church where there are contentions. In Corinth, there is trouble in the family of God.

Paul just besought the church to be perfectly joined together, now he lets the cat out of the bag that he knows there are some problems. He has received a report from Chloe’s house. It is from more than one person. Literally it reads “by those of Chloe.” Chloe perhaps had a church meeting in her home? There may have been multiple house churches. Paul writes this letter and it is to be read to all the Brethren–there’s a problem in the church meeting at Chloe’s. Paul knows if it’s happening there, it may well be happening in other house churches.

And notice that the accusation is not anonymous. It has a name attached to it. Anonymous complaints carry no credibility.

Contentions. It means a heated disagreement. It was enough of a problem that someone, or a group of people wrote to Paul to see if he could straighten it out. The word contention is eris in the Greek. If a person is eristic, he or she is given to debate or argument. The word eris means strife.

Tomorrow: 1 Corinthians 1:12-17

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