About The New Daily Dose of Logos

Keeping the body complete with daily nutrients, whether by healthy food or daily supplements is important. How much more so the spirit?

The New Daily Dose of Logos is a daily reading through the Bible to help you keep your spiritual life functioning at its optimum level.

What is “Logos”?

LOGOS* English transliteration of a Greek term for “word.” The term is significant because in John’s writings it refers to Jesus. The prologue of John’s Gospel (Jn 1:1, 14) and the beginning of 1 John (1 Jn 1:1) use logos to show how Jesus can be God and yet be an expression of God in the world. The divine Word took on human form and became a historical personage. Logos is also the title of Christ in the vision of his divine glory (Rv 19:13).

*Elwell, Walter A., and Philip Wesley Comfort. Tyndale Bible dictionary 2001 : 820. Print. Tyndale Reference Library.